Privacy Policy

At Furor Media, we place your privacy at the top of our priorities. We encourage you to periodically this page for any additions or changes.

Automated Logging for Website Visitors
Furor logs all IP Addresses of all visitors. Along with IP Addresses, the corresponding date, browser, operating system, and referrer are logged. None of this information is personal. All logs are purged every thirty days. Information that is logged is never used other than for determining total website traffic statistics.

Furor uses cookies to save your previous settings so that when you return to, your settings will remain the same.

The backend server hosting exists in a highly secured datacenter. All data is kept private and never shared. Personal Information is never stored into Furor's database. All personal information is fetched and displayed, but not stored. All credentials for our network portal are stored in our database with complete encryption.

Client Portal
All credentials for Furor's client portal are completely encrypted. No personal identification is attached to the accounts. All data displayed through Furor's Client Portal is never stored. It is only displayed. All data transferred through Furor's Client Portal is via a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). All data displayed is never stored locally on Furor's servers.